Growing tomatoes indoors is something that you may enjoy doing if you want to experience fresh tomatoes all year long. A water soluble, quick-release, balanced fertilizer best for annuals. My tomato plants look great. After reading this paper you will have a more complete understanding of grape nutrition. Chemical seems easier for a newbie with those 3 part fertilizer gro bloom n micro sets. How to grow tomatoes, the history of the tomato, recipes using tomatoes. Five Rivers (Smithfield and ContiBeef) 2. This plant food is an excellent option for trees and shrubs. Sowing All types of tomatoes need to be sown indoors either in a greenhouse, propagator or windowsill. Sprays are effective. Original all purpose formula. G rowing heirloom tomatoes in Texas can be frustrating as fruit will not set once temperatures reach the mid-80s and above. Then I'm going to paint the house and throw fertilizer on my garden When did working become a competitive sport?!